Katia Gori

The force fields dynamics


Katia Gori's rigorous education ( State School of Art in Udine, Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Master in computer graphics in the United States) was expanded on the ability to learn from the intensity of her life. A painter with a clear modern trend, she easily became a representative of contemporary art and was awarded prizes of prestige in more than 200 national and international exhibitions.

From matter to concept, from chaos to order: Katia Gori brings into painting the dualistic juxtapositions of nowedays culture. In her paintings inclusions of print and alphabetical letters, sometimes of newspapers clippings, stand out from dense materic pastes, getting symbolic value. Commercial colour is skilfully mixed with pigments, resins and pastes and then painted with spatules and brushes. The ever varied tones which are derived are as unreproducible as the continuous flow of situations and emotions in our life.